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App Claims It Can Detect ‘Trustworthiness’

DeepScore, a Tokyo-based company, says its app can determine how trustworthy a person is in just one minute.

Here’s how it works: A person—seeking a business loan or coverage for health insurance, perhaps—looks into their phone camera and answers a short series of questions. Where do you live? How do you intend to use the money? Do you have a history of cancer? DeepScore analyzes the muscular twitches in their face and the changes in their voice and delivers a verdict to the lender or insurer. This person is trustworthy, this person is probably not.

Privacy and human rights advocates are alarmed by DeepScore’s premise—that the minute signals captured by facial and vocal recognition algorithms reliably correspond to something as subjective and varied as a person’s honesty.

Source: This App Claims It Can Detect ‘Trustworthiness.’ It Can’t