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Bavarian DPA Declares Use E-mail Marketing Service Prohibited without Assessment and Supplementary Measures

The state Data Protection Authority of Bavaria declared the use of U.S. e-mail marketing service Mailchimp by a fashion magazine (acting as controller) in Bavaria impermissible due to non-compliance with Schrems II mitigation steps in relation to the transfer of e-mail addresses to Mailchimp in the U.S.

Mailchimp provided e-mail newsletter services to the controller, which had used Mailchimp’s e-mail marketing service only twice, to send newsletters to customers. Controller relied on EU Standard Contractual Clauses for the transfer of e-mail addresses from Germany to the U.S., in order to make use of e-mail marketing services directed to German customers by Mailchimp on its behalf.

The Bavarian DPA took the position that as an e-mail marketing service, “there are at least indications” that Mailchimp could qualify as an “electronic communication service provider” under U.S. surveillance law (i.e., FISA 702) and, therefore, “the transfer could only be permissible by taking supplementary measures, if suitable.” In the Bavarian DPA’s view, the controller had failed to assess the risk and implement supplementary measures for the transfer of EU personal data to Mailchimp in the U.S.

Source: Bavarian DPA Declares Transfers to E-mail Marketing Service Prohibited Due to Lack of Controller’s Assessment and Supplementary Measures