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Facebook Previously Failed To Keep Privacy Promises

Noel King talks to Tim Wu, who was a senior advisor at the Federal Trade Commission in 2011, when the agency settled with Facebook for failing to protect user privacy.

Facebook says it is sorry. This past weekend, Facebook took out full-page ads in major newspapers apologizing for a, quote, “breach of trust.” The company placed the ads after news broke that a political data mining firm, Cambridge Analytica, reportedly used the data of 50 million Facebook users. One person who does not buy the apology is Tim Wu. He’s a former senior adviser at the Federal Trade Commission. And he was there in 2011, the last time that Facebook got in trouble for failing to keep its promises about privacy. Tim Wu is skeptical that the company will change its ways anytime soon.

Source: Facebook Previously Failed To Keep Privacy Promises, Ex-FTC Adviser Says : NPR