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Franch DPA Issues Standard Regulation For Biometric Systems In The Workplace

CNIL has adopted on 10 January 2019, further to a sectorial consultation with public bodies and private organisations, its first standard regulation that lays down legally binding rules applicable to data controllers subject to French Law, who use biometric systems to control access to premises, devices and applications at work.

The Regulation prescribes specific requirements for the processing, by a public or private employer, of biometric data to control accesses to work premises, to information systems or applications used in the context of business tasks entrusted to data subjects (i.e., employees, agents, interns and contractors).

Given the particular sensitivity of biometric data, the Regulation sets out stringent obligations to data controllers regarding the conditions of processing of such biometric data in the workplace.

Full article: France: The First Cnil Standard Regulation For Biometric Systems In The Workplace