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Google And IAB In The Crosshairs Over RTB (Again)

Google and the IAB are once again under the EU’s gimlet eye. A group of human rights orgs sent coordinated privacy complaints to regulators on Thursday in six European countries.

At issue is whether the practice of real-time bidding is a violation of GDPR. The group is urging privacy bodies in Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Portugal and Romania to team up with lead supervisory bodies in Ireland and Belgium, which are looking for similar complaints.

Google responded to this latest development by saying it continues to cooperate with the inquiry into RTB spearheaded by Ireland’s Data Protection Commission. Meanwhile, the IAB insisted, yet again, that it’s neither a data controller nor a data processor. The IAB argues that it is but a mere trade org that develops best practices and standards, and that it’s not responsible for how those practices and standards are deployed.

Source: Google And IAB In The Crosshairs Over RTB (Again); Insta Intros Shopping In Reels | AdExchanger