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Insurance Client Sues Small Law Firm $1.5M for data Breach

Warden Grier,  a small four-person law firm, is being sued by it’s client – Chicago based insurance company Hiscox Insurance regarding data breach.

In December 2016, the hacker group Dark Overlord hacked the law firm’s computers and stole data concerning the Chicago insurance company, as well as the clients of the insurance company.

The law firm hired its own law firm and contacted the FBI to investigate, ultimately paying money to the hacker group to ensure their silence and to keep the purloined data private. What the Kansas City law firm did not do, however, was to tell its insurance company client or the clients of the insurance company about the breach.

In March 2018 the insurance company confirmed that the breach had occurred and the data leaked. It then began the process of conducting its own forensic investigation and notifying all of its customers who had been impacted by the breach—at a cost they estimated to be in excess of $1.5 million.

Source: Insurance Client Sues Small Law Firm $1.5M for Dark Overlord Payment – Security Boulevard