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noyb brings Luxemburg’s Data Protection watchdog to court for refuses to act on US companies

noyb filed an appeal against two decisions of the Luxemburg Data Protection Authority (CNPD) before the administrative tribunal of Luxemburg on a fundamental matter: the authority dismissed two complaints lodged against US-based data controllers, Apollo and RocketReach.

The CNPD explicitly confirmed that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies to these non-EU companies. However, the CNPD considered that it could not enforce the GDPR against these US controllers, despite multiple enforcement options within the EU. These decisions fundamentally undermine the application of the GDPR to all foreign companies on the EU market – a key promise of the law when it was introduced in 2018.

Source: Luxemburg’s Data Protection watchdog refuses to show its teeth to US companies. noyb files court case.