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‘Orwellian’ AI lie detector project challenged in EU court

A legal challenge was heard today in Europe’s Court of Justice in relation to a controversial EU-funded research project using artificial intelligence for facial “lie detection” with the aim of speeding up immigration checks.

The transparency lawsuit against the EU’s Research Executive Agency (REA), which oversees the bloc’s funding programs, was filed in March 2019 by Patrick Breyer, MEP of the Pirate Party Germany and a civil liberties activist — who has successfully sued the Commission before over a refusal to disclose documents.

He’s seeking the release of documents on the ethical evaluation, legal admissibility, marketing and results of the project. And is hoping to set a principle that publicly funded research must comply with EU fundamental rights — and help avoid public money being wasted on AI “snake oil” in the process.

Source: ‘Orwellian’ AI lie detector project challenged in EU court | TechCrunch