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Irish Court Finds Data Retention Law Violates Human Rights
The Irish High Court has ruled that Ireland's retention of telephone data violates European Law and the European Convention on[...]
Germany: First court decision on claims for immaterial damages under GDPR
The Local Court ( Amtsgericht ) Diez (in a final decision dated 7 November 18, case number 8 C 130/18)[...]
Argentina: Convention 108 accession “demonstrates willingness to be at forefront of data protection”
The National Congress of Argentina (‘Congress’) announced, on 6 December 2018, that it had passed a bill approving Argentina’s accession[...]
Austria: “Cookie Walls / Paywalls” hybrids are permissible?
In a recent case, the Austrian Data Protection Authority (ADPA) decided for the first time on the permissibility of a[...]

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