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Sippel: ePrivacy reg should ‘abolish surveillance-driven advertising’

The EU General Data Protection Regulation has been a front-and-center issue for privacy pros and businesses for time time now, but major regulatory issues appear to be just getting started. That was made clear Thursday at the IAPP Europe Data Protection Congress by German MEP Birgit Sippel during her first public speech as the European Parliament’s Special Rapporteur for the proposed ePrivacy Regulation. “Would you allow a stranger to go into your bedroom or look through your drawers without your permission?” she asked. “No, you probably wouldn’t.” The same concept, she added, should apply to the online world. With former MEP and Special Rapporter Marju Lauristin winning an election for her local council in Estonia, Sippel now takes the reigns of what has already become a heated and controversial proposed regulation of the telecommunications industry.

Source: Sippel: ePrivacy reg should ‘abolish surveillance-driven advertising’