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Study Shows Consumers Don’t Understand How Their Data Is Used

The ad industry continues to roll out new protocols around online data and consumer privacy. LoopMe surveyed consumers to find out if they’re really aware of the changes, and what they thought.

As it shows, consumers do not believe their online data is secure and don’t understand how it is used.

  • 58% of U.S. consumers do not believe their online data is more secure than it was a year ago, compared with one in two UK consumers.
  • 15% have a clear understanding around how companies use their online data for advertising, compared with 18% in the UK.
  • 34% do not read website cookie and privacy policies before continuing with content browsing or video viewing, compared with 48% in the UK.

Full article: Study Shows What Consumers Understand About Changing Ad Preferences, Data Regulations 03/31/2021