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Swedish Data Protection Authority imposes €7 million administrative fine on Google

The Swedish Data Protection Authority imposes a fine of 75 million Swedish kronor (approximately 7 million euro) on Google for failure to comply with the GDPR. Google as a search engine operator has not fulfilled its obligations in respect of the right to request delisting.

Swedish Data Protection Authority criticised Google for not having removed two of the search results, as instructed in 2017. Specifically, Google was criticised for having made too narrow an assessment of which URLs ought to actually be removed from search results, and, on another occasion, had not removed a search result in a timely manner.

Furthermore, when Google removes a search result listing and notifies the website owner of which webpage link was removed and who was behind the delisting request, it was in fact doing so without a legal basis. Therefore, Swedish Data Protection Authority ordered Google to cease such practice.

Source: The Swedish Data Protection Authority imposes administrative fine on Google – Datainspektionen