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Researchers Defeat Most Powerful Ad Blockers

Perceptual ad blockers will come out on the losing side in the war against internet advertisers and expose users to a host of new attack vectors in the process, the researchers warned. According to new research an AI was able to defeat perceptual ad blockers.

Source: Researchers Defeat Most Powerful Ad Blockers, Declare a ‘New Arms Race’ – Motherboard

The False Teeth of Chrome’s Ad Filter

Today Google launched a new version of its Chrome browser with what they call an “ad filter”— which means that it sometimes blocks ads but is not an “ad blocker.” EFF welcomes the elimination of the worst ad formats. But Google’s approach here is a band-aid response to the crisis of trust in advertising that leaves massive user privacy issues unaddressed.

Source: The False Teeth of Chrome’s Ad Filter.

Samsung’s browser on Android phones gets an ad-tracking blocker

Samsung’s web browser is now available on all Android phones running Android 5.0 and above. In the same update, Samsung Internet is also getting a built-in ad-tracking blocker. Users on other Android devices can find the Samsung Internet app in the Play Store or Galaxy Apps store. Previously, Samsung Internet was only available on Samsung devices and Google’s Nexus and Pixel devices.

Source: Samsung’s browser comes to all Android phones and gets an ad-tracking blocker – The Verge