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Platforms, not regulators, are driving data privacy enforcement

Unlike GDPR or CCPA, the moves Google and Apple are about to make will cause immediate shockwaves the day they are implemented.

The intent of GDPR — to give users back more control over their personal data and ensure it’s not misused by hidden players in the digital advertising ecosystem — has resulted in a horribly confusing, annoying user experience in Europe.

Privacy activists believe regulators have failed to properly enforce the law at scale. In the U.S. the lack of federal privacy law has left the door wide open for Google and Apple to call the shots.

The privacy-led changes driven by platforms Apple and Google are all bite. Plus, they are binary — not open to interpretation. Naturally, that results in people questioning whether this biting behavior is fair and the underlying reasons are honest or have a double agenda

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Tech Companies Too Secretive About Algorithms That Curate Feeds

When social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, which is owned by Google, cook up a complex algorithm to curate your feed, they’re making the choices they think will push you to spend more time on their platform, experts say, boosting their ad revenue. You don’t get to choose how the platforms select the posts or videos to deliver to you first, and in what order.

The evaluation by Ranking Digital Rights found that powerful American technology companies are cagey with even the most basic details about their algorithmic systems.

Social media companies use a combination of human eyes and algorithmic systems to decide which posts to take down for violating their rules. For many users, those decisions are hard to decipher—like when users who discuss racism find that their accounts are flagged for hate speech.

Source: Algorithms That Curate Feeds & Tech Company Secrecy – Consumer Reports

Ranking Digital Rights flunks the tech giants

A new report on the human-rights policies of 26 tech and telecom firms around the world delivers a harsh verdict: From Alibaba to Vodafone, they all get an F.

The 2020 Ranking Digital Rights Corporate Accountability Index, as previewed in advance of its Wednesday posting, blames this collective failure to get “even close to earning a passing grade” on widespread opacity among these firms in how they analyze, promote, and demote the speech of their customers for marketing, advertising, and content-moderation purposes.

Source: Ranking Digital Rights flunks 26 tech firms and telcos

Ireland’s Data Protection Commission ‘acutely strained’ by big tech cases

The Data Protection Commission warned it was “acutely strained” as it grappled with cases involving giant multinational tech companies and rising complaints from members of the public.

The agency also said it faced an uphill battle as it investigated big technology firms who had access to “disproportionate resources” to fight their corner.

They said the commission was now frequently accused of lengthy delays in its investigations because they were limited in the amount of inquiries they could progress at any one time.

Source: Data Protection Commission ‘acutely strained’ by big tech cases

FTC launches sweeping privacy study of top tech platforms

The Federal Trade Commission is launching a new inquiry into the privacy and data collection practices of major tech firms including Amazon, TikTok owner ByteDance, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook as well as its subsidiary WhatsApp.

The agency wants much of the usage and engagement data the platforms collect on their users, the metrics they use for measuring such things and short- and long-term business strategies, among many other areas of inquiry.

Source: Scoop: FTC launches sweeping privacy study of top tech platforms – Axios