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New Privacy Fears About DNA Sleuthing

For the first time on record, the new forensic science of genetic genealogy has been used to identify a suspect in a case of violent assault. Cops in Utah had to obtain special permission to upload crime scene DNA to a website called GEDmatch, which had previously only allowed police to investigate homicides or rapes.

However, critics fear we’re on a slippery slope of genetic genealogy being used to investigate less serious crimes. “We’re right here on the precipice, sliding down,” one expert said.

Source: GEDmatch And Genetic Genealogy Helped Cops Charge A Utah Teen With Assault, Alarming Privacy Experts

Netherlands wants easier sharing of info about criminals

It has to become easier to share information about criminals, regardless of strict privacy rules, Minister Ferdinand Grapperhaus of Justice and Security said to the Telegraaf in an interview.

The Minister said that he will present a proposal to make the sharing of information about criminals and criminal activity a bit easier. While calling for a more intensified approach to drug trafficking earlier this week, Mayor Aboutaleb noted how difficult it is to share information about suspected criminals with other municipalities.

Source: Sharing info about criminals must be easier, Justice Min. says | NL Times

‘Minority Report’ AI System Boosts ‘Pre-Crime’ Tech

Preventive risk system, Intraspexion, has increased the capabilities of its ‘pre-crime’ legal review tech by integrating the strengths of the dtSearch engine. The combination allows document filters to parse a wide variety of information and document formats, and to search terabytes of company data for any signs employees may be setting the business up for a future law suit.

Source: ‘Minority Report’ AI System, Intraspexion, Boosts ‘Pre-Crime’ Tech with dtSearch – Artificial Lawyer