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REvil Ransomware found buyer for Trump data, now targeting Madonna

REvil ransomware group claims to have buyers ready for documents containing damaging information about US‌ President Donald Trump and is preparing to auction data on international celebrity Madonna.

The hackers breached the network of Grubman Shire Meiselas & Sacks (GSMLaw), a law firm representing a huge number of A-list celebrities, stealing everything they considered of value before encrypting the data.

Source: REvil Ransomware found buyer for Trump data, now targeting Madonna

UK hacker must pay back £922k after cyber-attack spree

An English cyber-criminal who carried out targeted computer attacks on more than 100 firms from his UK base has been forced to pay back a stolen cryptocurrency haul worth £922.978.14, news reports reveal.

Argos, Uber and Sainsbury’s were among the victims of Mr Grant West, who was jailed for fraud for an elaborate hacking spree which duped company insiders into exposing huge swathes of confidential data.

Source: #privacy: UK hacker must pay back £922k after cyber-attack spree

Children’s identity theft on rise

Cyber criminals are hacking into sensitive networks to steal the identities of children and are selling it on in underground market places.

Personal information is leaked in data breaches all the time, but what makes the data on children so useful to cyber criminals is how they don’t have any credit history – so they offer a free pass for fraudulent purchases, loans and other transactions without the barriers that might be associated with data belonging to adults.

Source: The latest dark web cyber-criminal trend: Selling children’s personal data | ZDNet

Cyber-attack costs spiral to over £25m for aluminium manufacturer

The hacking campaign that hit Norwegian aluminium producer, Hydro has already cost the company in excess of £25m.

A number of the firm’s smelting plants were brought to a standstill, while operations were redirected through alternative channels as bosses struggled with the cyber-attack. Most of the money has been lost through the company’s Extruded Solutions division which manufactures aluminium facades.

Source: Cyber-attack costs spiral to over £25m for aluminium manufacturer

New powers for EU Cyberagency

On 10 December 2018, the European lawmakers reached a political agreement on the European Cybersecurity Act.

The intention of this new EU Regulation is to better protect the European Union against cyber-attacks, including a strengthening of the powers of the European Agency for Network and Information Security (“ENISA”).

Source: EU – New powers for European Cyberagency

Fighting cybercrime with A.I.

Cybersecurity start-up Darktrace, which uses artificial intelligence to fight cybercrime against corporations. Its artificial intelligence takes inspiration from something distinctly organic: the way the human immune system fights illness. Its machine learning understands normal patterns of behavior of every user and every device connected to a corporate network.

Source: Billion-dollar start-up Darktrace is fighting cybercrime with A.I.