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Quebec Will Force Uber to Share Trip Location Data

Privacy advocates are concerned that the new law can paint an unsettling picture of people’s movements in Quebec.​

A new law that regulates taxis and ridesharing apps in Quebec will require real-time geolocation data, including pick-up/drop-off points and route information, to be shared with municipal governments and approved third parties.

Source: Quebec Will Force Uber to Share Your Trip Location Data – VICE

What if our personal data is less the ‘new oil’ and more like uranium?

Organisations are blundering about with our personal information with little idea of how to handle it safely, or even what to do with it.

“Data as oil” has been the default metaphor to describe the way the capture, processing and repurposing of our personal information is changing the world. And like oil, it may get a little messy when some of the resource is compromised or someone drills in the wrong place but, hey, isn’t that the price of progress?

Full article: What if our personal data is less the ‘new oil’ and more like uranium? | Peter Lewis | Australia news | The Guardian

Microsoft updates terms on data privacy amid EU probe

Microsoft said it was updating the privacy provisions of its commercial cloud contracts after European regulators found its deals with European Union institutions failed to protect data in line with EU law.

The EDPS, the EU’s data watchdog, opened an investigation in April to assess whether Microsoft’s contracts with the European Commission and other EU institutions met data protection rules. It raised concerns about compliance in October.

Source: Microsoft updates terms on data privacy amid EU probe – Reuters

Over 100K malicious sites using valid certificates

New research has uncovered suspicious retail look-alike domains using valid certificates.

Research conducted by Venafi, analysed suspicious domains targeting 20 major retailers in the US, UK, France, Germany and Australia. Over 100,000 lookalike domains using valid TLS certificates, to appear safe and trustworthy, were identified.

Source: #Privacy: Over 100K malicious sites using valid certificates

Facebook Earns $132.80 From Your Data per Year

The newly released files indicate that between 2013 and 2015, moves that Facebook touted as protecting consumer privacy—like stopping Six4Three and other companies from accessing the names, photos, and likes of their users’ Facebook friends—were really about safeguarding the economic value of consumers’ data.

Leaked documents reveal that Facebook’s average revenue per user in the United States and Canada totaled $132.80 in the past four quarters—seven times more than the $18.70 average revenue per U.S. and Canadian user in 2013. But more importantly, Facebook executives worried that new social networks and messaging apps could get started using Facebook’s data as a jumping-off point.


Source: Facebook’s Six4Three Pikinis lawsuit emails explain why your data is so valuable.

Data and privacy could be competition concerns

The Justice Department’s top antitrust official warned tech giants on Friday that amassing vast quantities of consumers’ data could create competition concerns in the eyes of federal regulators, marking the U.S. government’s latest shot across the bow at Silicon Valley and its size.

Makan Delrahim, the chief of the department’s antitrust division, said people’s private information had become the lucrative “oil” for the digital age — and its misuse could threaten to harm consumers and corporate competitors.

While Delrahim did not mention any specific company by name, the comments could have vast implications at a moment when the agency is investigating tech giants including Google.

Source: DOJ issues new warning to big tech: Data and privacy could be competition concerns – The Washington Post

Leaked documents show Facebook leveraged user data to fight rivals and help friends

A cache of leaked Facebook documents of approximately 7,000 pages shows how the company’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, oversaw plans to consolidate the social network’s power and control competitors by treating its users’ data as a bargaining chip.

Taken together, they show how Zuckerberg, along with his board and management team, found ways to tap Facebook users’ data — including information about friends, relationships and photos — as leverage over the companies it partnered with. In some cases, Facebook would reward partners by giving them preferential access to certain types of user data while denying the same access to rival companies.

Source: Leaked documents show Facebook leveraged user data to fight rivals and help friends

Tech and mobile companies want to monetise your data … but are scared of GDPR 

The vast majority of technology, media and telecom (TMT) companies want to monetise customer data, but are concerned about regulations such as Europe’s GDPR, according to research from law firm Simmons & Simmons.

It found that 78 per cent of companies have some form of data commercialisation in place but only 20 per cent have an overarching plan for its use.

Survey also revealed that 53 per cent of TMT companies think they need to improve their understanding of data privacy regulation. Meanwhile, just 31 per cent of respondents said they had updated their communication to customers on data collection and use in the last two years – despite a number offering financial incentives and offering a more personalised service to incentivise data sharing.

Source: Tech and mobile companies want to monetise your data … but are scared of GDPR • The Register

Facebook’s New “Off-Facebook Activity” Feature

Facebook has introduced a new privacy feature called the “Off-Facebook Activity” intended to provide you with a tool to control your Off-Facebook activity tracking.

The new privacy feature will allow you to view the websites and apps that send your data about your online activity to Facebook. It will allow you to monitor your off-Facebook tracking activities through enabling you to see the specific businesses and what data they can access about you. It will also let you clear your online activity history. Facebook intends to roll out this feature in Ireland, South Korea, and Spain first and later to every Facebook user.

Full article: Facebook’s New “Off-Facebook Activity” Feature: What’s New and Why Should You Care?

Tech firms know more about us than any spy agency says ex-GCHQ chief

Big internet firms know more about the lives of private individuals than any intelligence agency ever has and that is a dangerous threat to democracy, the former head of the spy agency GCHQ has said.

“The big revelation over the last couple of years has been not about government intelligence agencies, it’s been about the private sector. It is about the internet companies knowing more about me, you, everyone in the hall than any intelligence agency ever could or should know about us.”

Source: Tech firms know more about us than any spy agency – ex-GCHQ chief | UK news | The Guardian