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New Privacy Fears About DNA Sleuthing

For the first time on record, the new forensic science of genetic genealogy has been used to identify a suspect in a case of violent assault. Cops in Utah had to obtain special permission to upload crime scene DNA to a website called GEDmatch, which had previously only allowed police to investigate homicides or rapes.

However, critics fear we’re on a slippery slope of genetic genealogy being used to investigate less serious crimes. “We’re right here on the precipice, sliding down,” one expert said.

Source: GEDmatch And Genetic Genealogy Helped Cops Charge A Utah Teen With Assault, Alarming Privacy Experts

Spotify Is Using DNA Tests to Curate Playlists

In a new collaboration with Ancestry, Spotify is giving its users the option to input their DNA results to their Spotify accounts to curate new playlists based on the geography of your ancestors. Spotify and Ancestry’s partnership seems like a foolproof way to have a completely unique playlist, but does the idea of DNA tests being used in music-streaming algorithms creep no one else out?

Source: Spotify Is Using DNA Tests to Curate Playlists, Which Is Pretty Creepy – Noisey

Genetics testing companies agree on rules to share data

Ancestry, 23andMe and other popular companies that offer genetic testing pledged on Tuesday to be upfront when they share users’ DNA data with researchers, hand it over to police or transfer it to other companies, a move aimed at addressing consumers’ mounting privacy concerns.

Source: Ancestry, 23andMe and others say they will follow these rules when giving DNA data to businesses or police – The Washington Post

DNA Tests on Separated Migrant Children Raise Privacy Issues

The Trump administration’s decision to use DNA testing to help reunite children separated from their parents at the Mexican border is sparking concerns among privacy advocates about how data will be used. Potential concerns include government surveillance of migrant families, or using the health information gleaned from DNA tests to deny access to services in the future. There are also concerns that DNA samples from children won’t be obtained with proper consent.

Source: DNA Tests on Separated Migrant Children Raise Privacy Issues – Bloomberg

Why a DNA data breach is much worse than a credit card leak

Why would hackers want DNA information specifically? And what are the implications of a big DNA breach? One simple reason is that hackers might want to sell DNA data back for ransom. Or hackers could threaten to revoke access or post the sensitive information online if not given money.  But there are reasons genetic data specifically could be lucrative.

“This data could be sold on the down-low or monetized to insurance companies. You can imagine the consequences: One day, I might apply for a long-term loan and get rejected because deep in the corporate system, there is data that I am very likely to get Alzheimer’s and die before I would repay the loan.”

Source: Why a DNA data breach is much worse than a credit card leak – The Verge

European Court to France: DNA Database Violates Fundamental Rights

The European Court of Human Rights decided on June 22, 2017 that France’s DNA database for convicted criminals disproportionately interferes with individuals’ privacy rights because of its one-size-fits-all retention period and the failure to include a procedure to request erasure.

Source: European Court to France: DNA Database Violates Fundamental Rights | HL Chronicle of Data Protection