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CNIL closes the formal notice procedure on Microsoft

Following the launch of Windows 10 in July 2015, the CNIL was alerted through the press and by letters from political parties on potential violations of the French Data Protection Act. Seven online observations have been carried out between April and June 2016. On this occasion, several violations have been found and in particular: excessive collection of personal data, track of users’ web-browsing without their consent and a lack of security and confidentiality of users’ data.

Source: Windows 10: official closure of the formal notice procedure served on MICROSOFT CORPORATION | CNIL

Facebook Gets Fined By 2 European Privacy Regulators

On Tuesday Dutch and French data protection authorities issued fines to Facebook saying that its data handling practices broke their countries’ privacy rules. Authorities said Facebook had not provided users with sufficient control over how their details are used.

Sanctions are part of a growing pushback across the European Union about how Facebook collects data on EU’s residents.

Source: Facebook Gets Slap on the Wrist From 2 European Privacy Regulators – The New York Times

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