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Huawei worked on several surveillance systems promoted to identify ethnicity

Facing an international outcry over its testing of a “Uighur alarm” system, Huawei said it is committed to human rights “at the highest level.”

But the tech giant has worked with dozens of security contractors to develop surveillance products, some of which were touted as being able to identify a person’s ethnicity or to help suppress potential protests, according to company marketing documents that shed light on a little-publicized corner of one of China’s most valuable tech empires.

Source: ‘Uighur alarm’ wasn’t only Huawei product touted to identify ethnicity – The Washington Post

Huawei calls for common cyber-security standards

Huawei, in the spotlight over the security risks of its telecoms equipment, urged governments, the telecoms industry and regulators on Tuesday (March 5) to work together to create a common set of cyber-security standards.

The call by Huawei chairman Ken Hu came as the world’s largest telecoms equipment maker opened a cyber-security centre in Brussels, allowing its customers and governments to test Huawei’s source code, software and product solutions.

Source: Huawei calls for common cyber-security standards amid concerns, Europe News & Top Stories – The Straits Times