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Facebook Facing GDPR Investigation over Audience Targeting Methods

Facebook is facing the wrath of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) once again following a complaint made by the UK Information Commissioner Office (ICO) to the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) in relations to the social media giant’s user targeting tactics.

Facebook has come in for heavy criticism in recent weeks after a number of news reporters portrayed how easy it was to post fake advertisements that appear to be sponsored/funded by real politicians. Other reports included targeting individuals with extremely conservative views and opinions.

Full article: Facebook Facing GDPR Investigation over Audience Targeting Methods – Compliance Junction

ICO publishes report on use of data analytics in political campaigns

UK’s data protection authority ICO has published a report to Parliament that brings the various strands of its investigation up to date. ICO found a disturbing disregard for voters’ personal privacy by players across the political campaigning eco-system — from data companies and data brokers to social media platforms, campaign groups and political parties.

UK Information Commissioner is calling for views for a code of practice covering the use of data in campaigns and elections. It will simplify the rules and give certainty and assurance about using personal data as a legitimate tool in campaigns and elections.

Source: Blog: Information Commissioner’s report brings the ICO’s investigation into the use of data analytics in political campaigns up to date | ICO

EDPB dealing with 162 cross border cases but no fines issued as yet

The European Data Protection Board (EDPB) has by now 162 cross-border cases on its case register and are under investigation. Some 18,000 breach notifications have been received by the 25 EU DPAs which have issued their statistics, and 15 One Stop Shop procedures have been started at the Board. In addition, there have been 233 procedures relating to Mutual Assistance between the DPAs.

Source: EDPB dealing with 162 cross border cases but no fines issued as yet – Privacy Laws & Business

Irish privacy watchdog to investigate Facebook data breach

Ireland’s data protection authority is expected to launch a formal investigation into the Facebook data breach affecting 90 million people worldwide, the first major test of Europe’s new data protection rules, according to a person with direct knowledge of the matter.

The inquiry marks the latest setback for the social networking giant, which has been plagued by scandal over the last two years ranging from the use of its platform by Russian-backed actors during the U.S. presidential election in 2016 to the Cambridge Analytica data breach.

While Facebook is unlikely to maximum sanctions — that is 4% of a company’s global revenues, the company could face a fine of up to €1.4 billion — potentially the largest ever privacy fine worldwide — if it is found to have broken Europe’s data protection rules.

Source: Irish privacy watchdog to investigate Facebook data breach – POLITICO

Google escapes Irish data privacy investigation over tracking scandal

Ireland’s data protection commissioner is not currently investigating Google’s data-tracking controversy as the tech giant has not yet officially incorporated its data protection reside. While Google indicated that Ireland was to be its ‘one stop shop’ data protection jurisdiction in the wake of the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) law, it has not yet finalised this registration process with the Irish DPC’s office.

Source: Google escapes Irish data privacy investigation over tracking scandal – Independent.ie

India launches investigation on Facebook data breach

CBI has initiated a preliminary enquiry against Cambridge Analytica and Global Science Research for alleged illegal personal data harvesting of Indian personal data. It is alleged that Cambridge Analytica received data from Global Science Research which employed “illegal means” of personal data harvesting of Indians using Facebook.

Source: Facebook data breach: CBI initiates preliminary enquiry against Cambridge Analytica, GSR | India News – Times of India

Dutch DPA launches ‘ex officio’ GDPR-compliance investigation

Dutch Data Protection Authority started an “ex officio” investigation into compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation in the private sector. It will verify compliance with Article 30 (the data registry) in 30 randomly selected large companies (more than 250 employees) in 10 different sectors: industry, water supply, construction, retail, hospitality, travel, communications, finance, business services, and health care across the Netherlands.

Source: Dutch DPA launches ‘ex officio’ GDPR-compliance investigation

MEPs to continue investigation of Facebook and Cambridge Analytica

MEPs will continue to assess the impact of the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal on personal data protection at hearings on 25 June and 2 July with Facebook representatives.

The second and third hearings will focus on the consequences of the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal, and possible solutions. The first hearing took place on 4 June and aimed to better map the case.

The hearings follow up on the 22 May meeting between the founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and EP President Antonio Tajani, political group leaders and the Chair and Rapporteur of the Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee.

Source: Facebook/Cambridge Analytica: MEPs continue the personal data breaches probe | News | European Parliament

FCC Defers Cambridge Analytica Investigation to FTC

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has said the FCC does not plan to investigate reports that Dish, Tivo and ComScore may have given Cambridge Analytica “the specific viewing habits of many subscribers in the United States.”

That is the company under scrutiny for getting access to Facebook user info in violation of the social media platform’s policies, though Facebook is getting just as much scrutiny.

Source: Pai Defers Cambridge Analytica Investigation to FTC – Broadcasting & Cable

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