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Having legitimate consent is only half the battle: The top 5 ways to protect your data

A recent survey showed that nearly one in five (17%) of companies admitted they are still unsure as to what the benefits are of being GDPR-compliant . Many businesses have still not gained consent and yet are sending marketing emails.

More so, some do not have the proper opt-out policies in place and many are still struggling to make sense of the point of GDPR at all. These businesses are at risk of receiving a fine equating up to 4% of their annual turnover, a huge problem for the sole trader, man-on-the-street style business. But is this putting them at risk of more than a fine?

Full article: Having legitimate consent is only half the battle: The top 5 ways to protect your data

What Constant Surveillance Does to Your Brain

As technology and machine learning continue to advance, we’re integrating surveillance into our daily lives at an increasing rate, and the level of surveillance is becoming more sophisticated. As turns out, constant surveillance and tracking can be just as mentally taxing as mental disorders like depression, and can even cause symptoms similar to post-traumatic stress disorder.

Full article: What Constant Surveillance Does to Your Brain – Motherboard

E-commerce is winning as most Americans now trust online business with their data

Despite conflicting opinions about online privacy, customers choose to shop with companies that take reasonable security precautions.

Most Americans are actually willing to online shop with retailers that previously faced a security breach—if they have taken measures to secure data, according to the report. With years of conflicting news about cybersecurity threats and breaches, users have almost become desensitized to the information, the report found.

Full article: Why e-commerce is winning: Most Americans now trust online retailers with their data – TechRepublic

CIPL Publishes Report on Artificial Intelligence and Data Protection in Tension

The Centre for Information Policy Leadership (“CIPL”) recently published the first report in its project on Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) and Data Protection: Delivering Sustainable AI Accountability in Practice.

The report, entitled “Artificial Intelligence and Data Protection in Tension,” aims to describe in clear, understandable terms:

  • what AI is and how it is being used all around us today;
  • the role that personal data plays in the development, deployment and oversight of AI; and
  • the opportunities and challenges presented by AI to data protection laws and norms.

Source: CIPL Publishes Report on Artificial Intelligence and Data Protection in Tension

85% of companies allow employees to access data from personal devices creating security risks

A recent report from security firm Bitglass surveyed IT experts, and found that 85% of organizations enable BYOD policies, citing employee mobility (74%) and employee satisfaction (54%) as the top two reasons for allowing employees, contractors, and other related parties to bring their own devices. However, the convenience of BYOD creates a particularly large attack surface for malicious actors to harvest information from these organizations.

Source: 85% of enterprises allow employees to access data from personal devices, security risks abound – TechRepublic

GDPR Burdens Hinder M&A Transactions

An increasing number of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions may be stalling because of concerns over EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance, according to a survey of EMEA M&A professionals conducted by Merrill Corporation.

The implementation of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) stood out as a major hurdle for mergers and acquisitions, with more than half of respondents (55 percent) citing the compliance and data protection employed by the target company as a primary reason a transaction did not progress. Additionally, 66 percent of those surveyed believe that GDPR will increase acquirers’ scrutiny of the data protection policies and processes of target companies, further complicating the deal-making process.

Source: GDPR Burdens Hinder M&A Transactions in the EMEA Region, According to Merrill Corporation Survey | Business Wire

EU startup funding drops since GDPR

In a working paper published this week, Jian Jia and Liad Wagman of the Illinois Institute of Technology and Ginger Zhe Jin of the University of Maryland show that, relative to their U.S. counterparts, European technology firms have been receiving less venture funding since the GDPR’s rollout. There’s been a 17.6 percent reduction in weekly venture deals in the EU, and the amount raised in an average deal dropped 39.6 percent. Most of the damage was to newer startups, created less than three years ago.

Source: Facebook and Google Aren’t Hurt by GDPR, But Smaller Firms Are – Bloomberg

AI, IoT, and edge computing drive cybersecurity concerns for 2019

As companies adopt emerging technologies, the cyber risk landscape is set to grow larger in the new year, according to a Forcepoint report. 2018 saw many large-scale data breaches, but 2019 will shift to more widespread, integrated cybersecurity concerns. Industrial IoT disruption, phishing attacks, and edge computing present some of the largest areas of cybersecurity risks.

Full article: AI, IoT, and edge computing drive cybersecurity concerns for 2019 – TechRepublic

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