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EU startup funding drops since GDPR

In a working paper published this week, Jian Jia and Liad Wagman of the Illinois Institute of Technology and Ginger Zhe Jin of the University of Maryland show that, relative to their U.S. counterparts, European technology firms have been receiving less venture funding since the GDPR’s rollout. There’s been a 17.6 percent reduction in weekly venture deals in the EU, and the amount raised in an average deal dropped 39.6 percent. Most of the damage was to newer startups, created less than three years ago.

Source: Facebook and Google Aren’t Hurt by GDPR, But Smaller Firms Are – Bloomberg

Data Sharing: What’s the Worst that Could Happen?

Startups are producing lots of transit data that could help inform government policy — but not everyone agrees on what should be shared. On one side, there’s the public sector, surprised by a sudden flurry of private transportation companies offering scooters, bicycles, skateboards and car rides. But then there are the companies, wary of further fraying society’s already-thinning trust that the tech sector cares about individual privacy.

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