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Companies mistakenly believe cloud service providers are responsible for compliance

Although organizations are adopting a multi-cloud approach, the research shows that when it comes to public clouds specifically, there are likely misconceptions around which party holds the ultimate responsibility for data management: the customer or the cloud provider.

Source: Veritas Study: Alarming Majority of Organizations (69%) Export Full Responsibility for Data Protection, Privacy and Compliance onto Cloud Service Providers

Understanding Corporate Data Sharing Decisions

Data has become the currency of the modern economy. A recent study projects the global volume of data to grow from about 0.8 zettabytes (ZB) in 2009 to more than 35 ZB in 2020, most of it generated within the last two years and held by the corporate sector.

Source: Understanding Corporate Data Sharing Decisions: Practices, Challenges, and Opportunities for Sharing Corporate Data with Researchers

Analyzing changes in DPA Income and Staff, from 2011 to 2016

Using data from the IAPP’s 2011 Global Survey, which queried data protection authorities about staff size and budget, and the ICDPPC Census 2017, which asked similar questions (see sidebar), the IAPP has been able to analyze changes in income and staff levels within a sample of national data protection authorities.

Source: Analyzing changes in DPA Income and Staff, from 2011 to 2016

Companies ignorant about data protection in the cloud

The level of ignorance within industry about data protection laws has been underlined by a survey that found nearly three-fourths (69%) of companies believed that their cloud provider was taking care of all data privacy and compliance regulations and also protecting the company’s data in the cloud.

Source: iTWire – Companies ignorant about data protection in the cloud: survey