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Twitter (and Others) Double Down on Advertising and Tracking

In June, Twitter discontinued its support for Do Not Track (DNT), the privacy-protective browser signal it has honored since 2012. EFF argued that Twitter should reconsider this decision, but that call has gone unheeded. In response, EFF’s Privacy Badger has new features to mitigate user tracking both on twitter.com and when you encounter Twitter content and widgets elsewhere on the web.

Source: Twitter (and Others) Double Down on Advertising and Tracking | Electronic Frontier Foundation

Intelligent Tracking Prevention

WebKit has long included features to reduce tracking. From the very beginning, we’ve defaulted to blocking third-party cookies. Now, we’re building on that. Intelligent Tracking Prevention is a new WebKit feature that reduces cross-site tracking by further limiting cookies and other website data.

Source: Intelligent Tracking Prevention | WebKit

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