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Norwegian DPA launches investigation into Disqus

The Norwegian data protection authority has launched an investigation into Disqus for allegedly collecting information about Norwegians through comment areas of websites without proper information.

DPA noted that in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), data processing must be legal and transparent and that, in light of this, collecting data without providing prior information is problematic. DPA stated that it has sent a letter to Disqus requesting answers on the investigated practices.

Source: Requires statement from Disqus | Inspectorate

Consumers balance data privacy against personalisation

Consumers are willing to share their personal data in exchange for personalisation, depending on whether the service meets their expectations, according to Deloitte’s eighth annual Media Consumer Survey. And consumers want the ability to have their data removed, but the choice to do this is impacted by loss of personalisation, according to the survey.

The report found a desire for ownership and control of personal data, with 62 per cent of respondents believing they should have the right to ask a company to delete their data, and 65 per cent indicating interest in editing what’s collected. However, of the 62 per cent believing they should be able to request their data be deleted, only 31 per cent would do so if it meant losing features like personalised recommendations.

Source: Survey: Consumers balance data privacy against personalisation – CMO Australia

Privacy rights under threat with Irish government’s national ID card

A UN representative has called out the Irish government’s introduction of an ID card which contains biometric information.

UN special rapporteur on extreme poverty Prof Philip Alston criticised the roll-out of the Public Services Card (PSC), saying the government introduced the card “without any transparency of public debate”.

Source: UN official says privacy rights under threat with Irish government’s national ID card | The Canary

Algorithms can reduce discrimination, but only with proper data

If self-learning algorithms discriminate, it is not because there is an error in the algorithm, but because the data used to train the algorithm are “biased.”

It is only when you know which data subjects belong to vulnerable groups that bias in the data can be made transparent and algorithms trained properly. The taboo against collecting such data should, therefore, be broken, as this is the only way to eliminate future discrimination.

Full article: Algorithms can reduce discrimination, but only with proper data