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Global Ransomware Attacks Raise Key Legal Considerations

On May 12, 2017, a massive ransomware attack, known as “WannaCry,” began affecting tens of thousands of computer systems in over 100 countries. These types of incidents can have significant legal implications for affected entities and industries for whom data access and continuity is critical.

Source: Global Ransomware Attacks Raise Key Legal Considerations : : Privacy & Information Security Law Blog

Can gender balance impact organizational security?

According to new research, age, experience, gender, and attitudes influence risky behaviors and security culture.

CLTRe, a Norwegian security culture research company, today released its Security Culture Report 2017, which studied more than 10,000 employees across five verticals in two countries within the Nordics to determine how risk and security is understood and actioned.

Source: New report reveals how “human factors,” including gender balance, can impact organizational security | ZDNet

Minority Report Becomes Reality? 

Remember the movie “Minority report” where future police could spot a crime before it even happens? It may soon become a reality. A Russian company NTechLab claims they have created emotion reading technology that can identify people in a crowd and tell if they are angry, stressed or nervous. Such tool can then be used by police to pre-emptively identify and stop criminals and potential terrorists.

Source: Emotion reading technology claims to spot criminals before they act 

Google’s NightWatch Team Stands Between Users and Dark Places of the Internet

The NightWatch team at Google is unique not just at the internet giant, but for Silicon Valley overall, where an emphasis on being quick to market and capturing audience attention often comes at the expense of creating a product that takes into account the diverse range of people using it. Made up of engineers, lawyers, activists, and others who take a special interest in advocating for communities that might otherwise be overlooked, the NightWatch team doesn’t look like the average group of people you’d find on a tech campus.

Source: You’ve Never Heard Of This Team At Google — But They’re Thinking About You

On Balancing Insider-Threat Protection and Employee Privacy

Insider attacks is serious threat to business. They are hard to detect and stop with traditional preventative controls. Cloud computing and BYOD makes it even harder. However, practices engaged in by business to secure their data and prevent data breaches may come in conflict with employees right to privacy.

Source: On Balancing Insider-Threat Protection and Employee Privacy