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US bans WeChat and TikTok

On September 18, 2020, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced detailed sanctions relating to the mobile applications WeChat and TikTok.

These prohibitions were issued in accordance with President Trump’s Executive Orders issued on August 6, 2020, imposing economic sanctions against the platforms. These orders, if they become fully effective, will (1) prohibit mobile app stores in the U.S. from permitting downloads or updates to the WeChat and TikTok mobile apps, (2) prohibit U.S. companies from providing Internet backbone services that enable the WeChat and TikTok mobile apps; and (3) prohibit U.S. companies from providing services through the WeChat mobile app for the purpose of transferring funds or processing payments to or from parties.

However, U.S. Department of Commerce has suspended its prohibitions relating to TikTok downloads and updates for seven days (until September 27).

Source: Department of Commerce Notices on Prohibited Transactions Relating to WeChat and TikTok